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Flat Braided Tapes are “second generation” lacing/spot tying construction. The are designed to provide maximum strength with minimum space requirements. Other advantages include increased gripping area and superior impregnation characteristics. Flat braided tapes are specified to for most military and space-oriented applications, and are currently finding increased usage among commercial, electrical and electronic manufacturers.

Round Twisted Twines

Per MIL-T-713

Round twisted constructions are used primarily by electrical and “non-flight hardware producers. Primary advantages include low costs and established industry acceptance.Though round twisted constructions provide less “gripping” area on the bundle and do not accept impregnation as completely as flat tapes, they still enjoy continued widespread usage throughout the industry.

Non-Braided Flat Tapes

Not to Military Specifications

Nylon Mono-Ty constructions provide a low cost non-braided material for use in commercial electronics and non-flight hardware. Oridnted Nylon fibers are formed intoa flat ribbon-like construction impregnated with microcystalline wax. Mono-ty constructions exceed IMB 147440 and similar industry requirements.

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Western Filament, Inc. - Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive

Western Filament lacing tapes are flat braids manufactured from continuous filament yarns in accordance to CID AA52080-AA52084 (formerly MIL-T-43435B), and can be tailored to meet all other industry specifications.

AA Classification Filaments

Other Filaments

Boeing Specification Lacing Tapes

  • A-A-52080
  • A-A-52081
  • A-A-52082
  • A-A-52083
  • A-A-52084
  • Cops & Bobbins
  • Parachute Cords
  • Shotline Cord
  • MIL-T-713 Type P
  • Mono-Ty
  • Braided or Twisted Cords
  • Polyester Lacing Tape
  • Nomex Lacing Tape

Types of Lacing and Spot Tying Materials

Flat Braided Tapes

Per AA-52080 – AA 52084 (formerly MIL-T-43435)




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