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Arlon Silicone Technologies Division has been a leader in silicone technologies since 1954, specializing in precision-calendered composites and extruded tapes. From high temperature substrates for flex and rigid-flex circuit lamination, flexible heaters, motor coil insulation, and thermal insulation, to fusible tapes for cabling and adhesives for stress decoupling in military and aerospace electronic assemblies, Arlon offers the highest performing silicone solutions.

LevelWrap® and MOX-Tape® Fusible Tapes

Arlon LevelWrap®, MOX-Tape®, and Rapid-Bond™ silicone self-fusing tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber that allows them to bond only to themselves.  The permanent bond provides an insulating barrier resistant to moisture, ozone, and corona over a wide temperature range; -54oC to +260oC (-65oF up to +500oF). Arlon fusible tapes provide superior electrical insulation with a dielectric strength of 300 VPM minimum at 180oC (356oF).




since 1983


Arlon Rectangular Tape

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Arlon unsupported Rectangular and MOX-Tape® 10-series (formerly 600-R) fusible tapes are of uniform thickness from edge-to-edge.  Rectangular tapes are designated Type I under the A-A-59163 specification which supersedes Mil-I-46852C.  These fusible tapes are ideal for applications where a smooth, even layer of tape is not required.

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Arlon Triangular Tape

Arlon unsupported LevelWrap® and MOX-Tape® 20-series (formerly 600-T) fusible tapes have tapered edges and a colored line along the apex.  Triangular tapes are designated Type II under the A-A-59163 specification which supersedes Mil-I-46852C.  The triangular profile allows the tape to form a smooth surface when each wrap is advanced one half the tapes width.  The colored guide line down the center of the tape makes wrapping with a one half advance a simple and repeatable process.

Tape cross section | Bonded cross section

Arlon MOX-Tape® Fiberglass Reinforced Tapes

Arlon reinforced MOX-Tape® 30-series (formerly SA) and 40-series (formerly SB) fusible tapes incorporate a sinusoidal fiberglass fabric that gives a controlled elongation and increased tear resistance and tensile strength of the tape.  30-series fusible tapes have a minimum elongation before fracture of 25% and 40-series fusible tapes have a minimum elongation before fracture of 15%.  The reinforcement has excellent mechanical characteristics while allowing the tape to conform to irregular shapes.

Arlon MOX-Tape® Fiberglass Reinforced Tapes

Arlon Rapid-Bond™ Fusible Tapes

Arlon unsupported Rapid-Bond™ fusible tapes are designed to bond more quickly for applications requiring near instant bond formation.  Rapid-Bond™ fusible tapes are available in either rectangular (A-A-59163 Type I) or triangular (A-A-59163 Type II) profiles.  If your application requires a reduced rate of bond formation ask about our “M6” tapes which still develop the same permanent adhesion but at a greatly reduced rate which allows users the opportunity to unwrap and rewrap a part within a short period of time for perfect application without wasting tape to rework.


Typical Properites

Typical Value
Test Method
Thermal Stability
180oC (356oF)

Temperature Range
-54oC to +260oC (-65oF to +500oF)

Volume Resistivity
1013 ohm-cm minimum
Self Adhesion
2 lbf/in minimum
ASTM D2148
55 +/- 10 shore A
ASTM D2240
Moisture Absorption
0.9% (46 hrs. in H2O @ 21oC)

Arlon Tape and MOX-Tape® product shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored at 21 +/- 3oC (70 ± 5°F). This statement applies to all fiberglass-supported and unsupported MOX-Tapes® and all unsupported Arlon tapes (-P0, -P1, -P2, -P3, -P6, -M0, -M1, -M5, -M6, -M7, and -PU tape suffixes). -PU Tape is UL recognized

Performance Advantages

  • Resists moisture, oxygen, ozone, and most harsh industrial chemicals, including acids and bases, to assure continuous high insulation values.
  • Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms such as wire bundles, e-++lbows, t-fittings and couplings.
  • Bonds to itself at room temperature within 24 hours to form a homogeneous profile.
  • Note: Rapid-Bond™ Tapes form a homogeneous profile within minutes at room temperature.
  • Bonds when wet.
  • Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other surfaces, or substrates.
  • Remove cleanly without leaving any sticky residue behind like a vinyl electrical tape with pressure sensitive adhesive does when removed.
  • Insulates with single wrap, thereby reducing labor time and cost.
  • Dampens vibration and resists heat and mechanical shock as well as corona.
  • Inherently flame retardant and when burned forms a non-conductive ash. Meets the horizontal burn test criteria prescribed in FAR 25.853.
  • 30 (SA) & 40 (SB) series MOX-Tapes® provide a uniform thickness even around sharp edges. Fiberglass fabric, encapsulated inside the silicone rubber, prevents wicking and maintains high insulation resistance under high humidity conditions. These controlled stretch tapes provide a uniform insulation barrier.
  • All tapes are protected by polyethylene or polyester interleaved liner.

Applications and Specification Positions

Arlon’s silicone self-fusing tapes have filled the needs of thousands of applications over the years.  From the original intended purpose as electrical insulation and cable wrapping to pipe repair to harnessing to passivation and masking, the list of applications continues to grow.  Here are a few typical applications to give you an idea of the important role silicone self-fusing tapes play.


Arlon’s silicone self-fusing tapes meet a number of industry wide specifications including the following

Mil-I-46852C, Type I & Type II
A-A-59163, Type I & Type II
Boeing DMS2186 Type 1 & Type 2
Lockheed Martin MMS J517
Lockheed Martin 5-00857
General Electric A50A4936
General Electric A50E112
General Dynamics P5384
Rohr RMS315
FAR 25.853
UL Listed

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