CTJ module housings are of all composite construction


• Uses only standard SAE AS39029/22 socket contacts

• Buss Bars are impacted and are of one piece construction.

• 360 degrees Dielectric contact retention fingers.

• CTJ modules are designed to be mounted in rails, directly into chassis or onto circuit

  boards or in some instances in-line.

• Environmentally sealed to withstand hydraulic fluid immersion

• Environmentally sealed to prevent FOD issues 3

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CRI Rugged




since 1983


Common Termination Applications

  • Grounding Applications for Commercial Aerospace
  • Lighting systems for Commercial Aerospace
  • Unmanned Flight and Ground Systems
  • Combat Systems and weaponry
  • Military Aerospace

Module Offerings


• CTD –Bussing module for power distribution

• CTJ1 –Feedback modules with various bussing arrangements

• CTJ4 -Electronic component modules that house discrete components and circuits.

• CTJ5 -PC Board, Flat Flex Cable Mountable.

• CTJ6 & CTJ9 –Flange mountable inline connector design

• CTJ7 –Grounding modules using either flange mount, or stud mount designed to

  Rail and mounting options

• CTJ3 -Metallic rail per arrangement needed

• DCR-Composite version of CTJ3 rail

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