TE manufactures Raychem adhesives and sealants in a variety of materials for use in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. Raychem adhesives include thermosets, thermoplastics and mastic-tapes for water resistance in marine and buried cable applications.


Raychem repair tapes are ideal for protection against moisture, corrosion and contaminates of cables and harness assemblies damaged during installation.

S1081 - Self Amalgamating Harness Tape

T-DR25 -Tape

RT-555 - High Temperature Heat Shrink Tape

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TE's Raychem hot-melt tape seals molded parts and helps prevents debris and water from entering the backshell or connector. The adhesive is easy to install, flows when heated and hardens when cooled.

Hot Melt Tape

  • Spec Chart: RAYCHEM Adhesive    [ view more ]

    Product Type Precoat Product Description Temperature Range
    S1017 /42 Raychem Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive Tape general purpose harnessing adhesive. Standard precoated ahesive for -3 and -4 molded parts. -20°C to +60°C
    S1030 /180 Raychem Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive Tape Good low-tempature flexibility. -80°C to +80°C
    S1048 /86 Raychem Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive Tape Requires high tempature to achieve bonding. Highest service tempature for hot melt. -55°C to +120°C
    S1124 /164 Raychem Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive Tape Requires reflowing in an oven at 150°C for 90minutes. Designed to bon to -51 molded parts. -55°C to +105°C
    S1297 /97 Raychem Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Adhesive Tape General purpose harnessing adhesive. Standard precoated adhesive in Sigmaform molded parts and CES. -20°C to +90°C
    S1278 N/A Raychem General-Purpose Hot-Melt Sealant Tape General purpose sealant and cable breakout area filler. -40°C to +90°C
    S1305 N/A Raychem Halogen-Free Hot-Melt Sealant Tape Halogen-free, flame-retardant sealant and cable breaout area filler. -40°C to +90°C


TE's Raychem epoxy is used for seal molded parts provides excellent high temperature protection against debris condensation, moisture and fluids.


Two-part epoxies Epoxies, also known as thermoset adhesives, are either curable two-part systems or are also available in one part tape form. The TE Raychem family includes S1005, S1006, S1009, S1125 and S1264 are two-part systems.  Epoxy tapes includes S1255-02 and S1255-04 flexible tape.


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