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CRI Rugged

Western Filament, Inc. - Stator Lacing Tapes & Cords

Your only single source for ALL stator lacing needs!


At Western Filament, Inc., specialists in textiles, chemicals, plastics and process control combine their skills to produce a complete line of flat or round braided tapes and twisted cords to meet the most stringent stator lacing requirements.


Flat Braided Tapes

Twisted Cords

Special Products

Dry Surge Ring Cable
for VPI Systems

Trouble-free lacing for stator tying, coil wrapping and other electrical applications. Shrinks to fit, lays flat, stays in place and won’t snag or fray.

  • Heat Shrinkable Polyester
  • Kevlar Tape (Class H)
  • Fiberglass Tape (Class H)
  • Polyester/Fiberglass Tape (Class F Plus)
  • Nomex® Tape (Class H)
  • Polyester Tapes (Class F)
  • Kevlar® Twisted Cord (Class H)
  • Motor-Ty Hand Tying Cord (Class F)
  • Polyester Cord (Class F)
  • Preshrunk Polyester Cord
  • Heat Shrinkable Polyester Cord
  • Nomex® Cord (Class H)
  • Braided Nylon Cords
  • Mono-Ty
  • Preshrunk Polyester (Class F)
  • Heavy Duty Dacron with Kevlar Core
  • Heavy Duty Dacron



since 1983


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