TE materials science technology and EMI shielding capability help ensure you get the right product with the right balance of properties to meet the necessary fit, form, function, performance and reliability in every application.





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TE’s Raychem materials science and irradiation crosslinking technology is the foundation that supports a range of products with the right balance of properties to meet help the challenges of the harshest environments. SPEC 44 (AS81044) wire and SPEC 55 (AS22759) wire are established and used extensively across the industry and applications.

  • Extremely low risk choice for aircraft manufacturers for over 50 years
  • Tough and reliable crosslink extruded material
  • Abrasion resistant and withstands mechanical damage
  • Small size, lightweight, and resistant to most chemicals and fluids
  • Easy to cut, strip and mark
  • Suitable for high temperture and harsh environment applications


Allows for a tighter bend radius for improved cable management in high-density systems. The twisted pair design also helps to dramatically reduce termination issues associated with pistoning. The cables are inherently balanced and provide better mechanical reliability.

  • Silver plated conductors used for excellent signal integrity


  • Foam primary insulation utilizes uniform, small cell structure for exceptional performance


  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen designs available


  • Tighter bend radius than parallel pair (bend radius of <2.5X cable diameter, tested in accordance to SFF 8417-Multi Conductor Cable Flex Cycle Test Procedure)
  • Increased flexibility due to use of twisted pair


  • Improved mechanical reliability over parallel pair


  • Virtually no pistoning of conductors or pairs as exhibited by parallel pairs


  • Conductor sizes of 32, 30, 28, 26 and 24 AWG available


  • Constructions of 1 to 36+ pairs, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 12X


TE has integrated one cohesive set of coaxial products that serves the automotive, broadband, medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace, and wireless infrastructure markets.

Raychem Cheminax Coaxial Cables

Part No. Impedance Capacitance Attenuation
5012E1339 50 ohms 98.4 [30.0] 14.8 [4.5]
5012M1612 50 ohms 82.0 [25.0] 16.1 [4.9]
5024A1311 50 ohms 83.7 [25.5] 50.3 [15.3]
5026D1027 50 ohms 88.9 [27.1] 63.7 [19.4]
5030A1317 50 ohms 90.2 [27.5] 97.5 [29.7]

Cheminax Electrical Performance

The general and electrical performance of our Cheminax coaxial cables are designed to solve interconnect problems in electronic system, including computers, military equipment, and other areas of high-density packing, where cables are required to perfom more exacting specifications. TE's Raychem advanced materials technology allows us to design and develop Cheminax miniature coaxial cables that offer substantial savings in size and weight while improving mechanical performance and reducing attenuation.


Cables can be designed that are either smaller and lighter than standard RG and UR cables or provide significantly lower attenuation and capacitance with no significant increase in sizeBelow are the key characteristics. Note: Temperature rating varies depending on materials used in specific construction.

  • Conductor range 12 AWG to 30 AWG


  • Operating temperature range* -65°C to 200°C [-85°Fto 392°F]


  • Impedance range 50 ohms to 125 ohms


  • Dielectric constant 1.65–2.3


  • Velocity of propagation 67%–80%


Custom multicore cables are unique designs manufactured against specific customer needs for functionality and performance for aerospace, military ground systems, and marine applications.

Multicore Shield Types

Cable Shield Type Typical Cable Application
Aluminized Polyester Electrostatic Shielding
Single Braid Low level EMI / Low Sensitivity
Single Optimized Braid Sensitive Lines / High EMI
Double Optimized Braid Highly Sensitive Lines / Severe EMI
Supershielded EMP/Tempest
Double Supershielded Highest Level of Shielding

Standards and Approvals

  • MIL-DTL-24640


  • MIL-DTL-24643


  • ZEROHAL - LFH (Low Fire Hazard)


  • ISO 9000


  • QS9000

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