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SG Tapes
heatshrink tubing
Heatshrink Tubing
backshells contacts
cable ties
Cable Ties
EMI ferrites
EMI Ferrites / Cores / Beads
lacing cords
Lacing Cords
TE Adhesive
wildcat series connectors
cable marker
time delay relay
solder sleeve
Solder / Crimp Devices
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TE Wire
Wire / Cable / Braid

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Identification Solutions
Custom Gaskets / O-ring
Fabrication Over-Braiding
Rugged Design & Development
Tape Slitting
Rugged Displays & COTS
Rugged Servers
Electromechanical Build-To-Print Assemblies

Identification Solutions

Pre-Print Identification Solutions

RSI offers a wide range of pre-print identification products that have a long life and are suitable for use in the most extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. RSI focuses on supplying high quality materials that meet or exceed industry standards. RSI specializes in pre-print labels that suit the requirements of the railway, aerospace, and DoD markets. RSI’s technologies are also applicable for the industrial, alternative energy, electronics, and medical sectors.
RSI, Inc. can expertly print your labels using a Laser process as well as using a Thermal process. Kitting multiple prints and sizes into one final kit after print is an expertise of RSI, inc.

Heat Shrinkable Wire Identification Sleeves

Heat-shrinkable cable identification marker sleeves in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes for high performance applications such as military grade, low-fire hazard, fluid resistant, high temperature and commercial use.

Printable cable markers for large wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits come in a variety of colors and sizes for military, high temperature, and low-fire hazard applications. Markers are applied using cable ties.

Heat Shrinkable Printable Tubing for Wire Identification

TE Connectivity Identification

Printable cable markers for large wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits come in a variety of colors and sizes for military, high temperature, and low-fire hazard applications. Markers are applied using cable ties.

Printable Tags

cable marker

Tie-On Cable Marker tags are used to identify large cables and bundles either pre or post-termination. Applied using cable ties, typical installations include Mass Transit, Military and Aerospace.



Gathering, packaging, and labeling components that are needed for a particular assembly function. These items are packaged together under one BOM part number so that the customer only must inventory one part number at their facility.

Tape Slitting

RSI, Inc. is anAuthorized and a UL recognized tape slitter. RSI does slit a large variety of tapes manufactured by 3M, Dewal, Saint Gobain, BRP Manufacturing, and Parker Chomerics. RSI’s tooling allows us to slit tapes to a minimum width of 1/4 of an inch. All slit rolls have a 3-inch core, and the cores can either be plastic or cardboard.Our processes allow the customer to get custom sizes thus reducing waste and large box quantity minimum orders.

3M Insulating tape
3M Insulating Tapes
3M Foil Tape
3M Foil Tapes
Rogers Silicone Tape
Rogers Silicone Tape
Arlon Self-Fusing Tape
Saint Gobain tape
Saint-Gobain Tape
Dewalt High Temp
Dewal High Temp. Tape
Rubberized Cork Tape
MIL-T-6841 Rubberized Cork Tape
EMI Shielding Tape
Chomerics Cho-Foil
EMI Shielding Foil

Custom Gaskets

EMI Shielding Tape
EMI Shielding Tape
Custom Cut EMI Gaskets
Custom Cut EMI Gaskets
EMI Shielding Vents
EMI Shielding Vents
TC Connectivity Interface Materials
Thermal Conductive Interface Materials
TE Connectivity Phase Change
Thermally Conductive Phase Change
RSI Inc. is an Authorized Value-Add Distributor for Parker Chomerics. Chomerics is a global supplier of EMI Shielding and Thermal Interface materials. RSI Inc along with Chomerics, offers an extensive knowledge and expertise base that extends to the following electronic markets.

Fabrication Over-Braiding

RSI, Inc. has the in-house ability to over-braid your assemblies. RSI, Inc can over-braid using the materials listed below.
  • Tinned Coated Copper
  • Polyester
  • Halar
  • Nomex
  • Kevlar
  • Fiberglass
  • Nextel
  • PFA
  • Ryton
  • Ceramic

Rugged Design & Development

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Rugged Displays & COTS

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Rugged Servers

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Electromechanical Build-To-Print Assemblies

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About RSI Inc.

RSI is a leading global supplier of standard mil-spec products including, but not limited to high-speed interconnect solutions & a wide range of electro-mechanical components. By staying lean, small, and privately-owned, we’re able to provide quality services with a personal touch. If you need components for your military, aerospace, or industrial project, you can count on us to provide the parts you need, when you need them. For parts that are always in stock and ready to ship, choose RSI today!

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There’s a reason we’re the most-favored electromechanical components distributor for clients’ around the world. For more than 30 years, RSI Inc. has provided an unmatched, superior, and personal experience by constantly adapting to our clients needs.

  • By staying in the know and continuously flexible, we’ve been able to provide one of the most comprehensive listings of Authorized Sources for Electronic Components and Value-Added lines available.
  • By staying lean and resourceful, we’ve been able to provide all our components at competitive prices, and have them ready to ship and available ahead of schedule.
  • And, finally, by staying privately owned, we’ve been able to provide a service that’s not only friendly, but personable, dependable, and insightful.

For electromechanical components, choose RSI Inc. today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do long term contracts?
Yes. Regardless of your time horizon, you can count on us to get the parts you need for your fabrication ahead of schedule.

Do you support Foreign Military Sale (FMS) products?
Yes. We support foreign military sales requirements for all kinds of U.S. military products.

How fast can you provide an estimate?
Unlike other companies, we’re lean, nimble, and fast, and can provide an accurate estimate for your electromechanical parts in as little as several business days.