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No matter what application hazards your components and harnesses face, we offer a broad line of heat-shrinkable tubing and other protection products designed to help withstand tough environments while offering maximum performance. Included are heat-shrinkable tubing and molded parts, backshells, and identification and labeling products.

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TE Connectivity Products

MTC Connectors

MTC Connectors

TheMTC product line is a complete modular connector system consisting of lightweight, environmentally sealed miniature rectangular connectors.

MTC connectors are available in 1-inch and 2-inch configurations. Modular removable inserts with size 22 and / or size 16 contact cavities can be combined into the 1-inch and 2-inch MTC housings.

TE Shrink Boot

Heat Shrink Boots

TE manufactures Raychem adhesives and sealants in a variety of materials for use in a wide range of applications and environmental conditions. Raychem adhesives include thermosets, thermoplastics and mastic-tapes for water resistance in marine and buried cable applications.

  • Self-sealing for waterproofing (sealant coated parts only)
  • Heat shrinkability for range taking
  • Materials are mil-spec qualified
  • Ease of installation
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Mechanical protection
TE Backshell

Connector Backshells / Adapters

Engineered to help resist corrosion and fit a wide range of circular connectors, TE Connectivity's backshell and adapter components help protect connections from mechanical wear, environmental conditions, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). These are available with and without screen termination, providing long-term, high performance in sealed and unsealed electronics systems.

backshells contacts

Shielded Backshells Solution

Designed for screen termination and sealing.  From HexaShield high-performance individual screen terminations to one-piece KTKK assemblies and Tinel-Lock 360° adapters, TE’s backshells and adapters offer a high level of environmental and mechanical protection. Designed to accommodate both screen termination and sealing using heat-shrink molded parts, TE’s backshells are ideal for both sealed and unsealed systems.

heatshrink tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection, environmental sealing, and strain relief. Heat shrink tubing is engineered for use in numerous applications, including back-end connector sealing, breakouts, and connector-to-cable transitions. It is a solid alternative to taping, molding, or potting. When heated, our Raychem heat sleeves conforms to the size and shape of the substrate beneath, enabling quick and easy installation.  Its high expansion ratio makes it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors.

Heat Shrink Tubing Benefits
single wall tubing

Single Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Single wall heat shrink tubing insulates, provides strain relief, and protects against mechanical damage and abrasion. Our heat shrink tubing offers a high-performance alternative to standard approaches for insulation, such as taping and molding in place.

dual wall tubing

Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Dual wall heat shrink tubing protects against moisture and corrosive environments, while providing electrical insulation and mechanical protection using engineered adhesives. Dual wall tubing products consist of a crosslinked outer jacket and an inner layer of adhesive or encapsulant. During installation, the adhesive or encapsulant lining melts and flows, creating a moisture-resistant protective barrier.

  • Shrink ratios ranging from 2:1 to 6:1
  • Highly engineered adhesives to bond with various materials
  • Numerous color options
  • Resistance to flame, heat, chemicals, and mechanical damage
TE Heat shrink Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Printable Tubing for Wire Identification

TE offers complete wiring identification and cable labels for a wide range of industries and applications. Designed for the most rigorous indoor or outdoor use, our portfolio of wire labeling and identification features flexible options including adhesive-backed wiring and cable labels, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cable markers, and hardware/software systems for onsite customization.

Printable cable markers for large wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits come in a variety of colors and sizes for military, high temperature, and low-fire hazard applications. Markers are applied using cable ties.

cable marker

Printable Tags

Tie-On Cable tags are used to identify large cables and bundles either pre- or post-termination. Our Printable Tags markers are flat, non-adhesive labels that can be used in particularly aggressive environment. Applied using cable ties, typical installations include Mass Transit, Military and Aerospace. The cable marker tags are organized onto either a fanfold or reeled paper carrier to allow for greater range of printing formats.

Tie-On Cable Marker tags are used to identify large cables and bundles either pre or post-termination. Applied using cable ties, typical installations include Mass Transit, Military and Aerospace.

solder sleeve

SolderSleeve for Reliable Shield Termination

E Connectivity’s (TE) dependable, economical wire and cable termination products provide solutions for hundreds of wires and cable interconnect requirements. All wire termination products are housed inside transparent heat-shrinkable insulation sleeves, which provide inspectability and can provide various levels of environmental protection. Most Raychem brand termination products incorporate a fluxed solder preform, which is essential for a highly controlled soldering process.

Repeatable, reliable terminations. TE SolderSleeve shield grounding terminators provide an environmentally sealed, insulated, and encapsulated solder connection for a variety of applications with temperatures ranging from -65°C to 200°C.

  • One piece design
  • Optional preinstalled ground leads
  • M83519/1 & M83519/2 Mil Spec approved
  • Commercial aviation
  • Military aerospace
  • Ground defense
TE Solder Sleeve

Shielded Contacts

SolderTacts contacts provide the optimum amount and type of solder and flux in a pre-fluxed solder preform that controls soldering and reduces operator sensitivity. They provide simultaneous electrical connection and strain relief with a heat-shrinkable, transparent tubing. SolderTacts contacts versatile design makes them particularly well-suited to military, aerospace, and defense equipment applications.

  • Ease of installation
  • Reduced crosstalk
  • Improved signal transmission
  • Controlled soldering
TE Wire

Wire and Cable Products

Wire and cable products are engineered to link electronic equipment, providing reliable and accurate communication and power management in numerous applications. Our materials science technology and EMI shielding capability help you get the right product with the right balance of properties for fit, form, function, performance, and reliability.

Advanced hook Up

Advanced Hook Up Wires

TE hook up wires are lightweight, reliable, and abrasion-resistant. TE’s Raychem materials science and irradiation crosslinking technology is the foundation that supports a range of wire and cable products with the right balance of properties to meet help the challenges of the harshest environments. Our SPEC 44 (AS81044) and SPEC 55 (AS22759) hook up wires are established and used extensively across harsh environment applications.

  • Extremely low risk choice for aircraft manufacturers for over 50 years
  • Tough and reliable crosslink extruded material
  • Abrasion resistant and withstands mechanical damage
  • Small size, lightweight, and resistant to most chemicals and fluids
  • Easy to cut, strip and mark
  • Suitable for high temperature and harsh environment applications
HS Backplane Connector

High Speed Backplane Connectors

Our broad portfolio of high-speed backplane connectors provides you with the design flexibility you require to solve specific performance challenges. Consider our high-speed backplane connectors for your server, switch, router, and optical transport applications.

  • Servers
  • Switches & Routers
  • Optical Transport
  • Blade, rack mount, mainframe stackable, carrier grade, core, edge, and Metro Ethernet
  • Stackable, carrier grade, core, edge, and Metro Ethernet, edge, enterprise class, carrier Ethernet, BRAS, and Multi Service Edge
  • Carrier grade optical, metro WDM, optical multi-service provisioning, long haul optical, and enterprise LAN optical Ethernet

Supported Mil-SPECs

  • M22959
  • M39029/28
  • M39029/40
  • M39029/41
  • M39029/59
  • M39029/60
  • M39029/75
  • M39029/76
  • M39029/77
  • M39029/79
  • M39029/80
  • M39029/90
  • M81044
  • M81824
  • M83519/1
  • M83519/2

More Parts We Source

  • 202K121-25L-0
  • 13007465
  • 13007485
  • 0593-50-113-8052
  • 5935-01-055-6310
  • 5935-01-055-6311
  • 5935-01-056-2203
  • 5935-01-056-2204
  • 5935-01-057-5001
  • 5935-01-057-5004
  • 5935-01-057-5011
  • 5935-01-057-5012
  • 5935-01-057-5014
  • 5935-01-057-9684
  • 5935-01-058-1266
  • 5935-01-106-4418
  • 5935-01-110-2924
  • 5935-01-121-1753
  • 5935-01-122-6642
  • 5935-01-130-5204
  • 5935-01-141-2670
  • 5935-01-146-9334
  • 5935-01-170-0274
  • 5935-01-179-1472
  • 5935-01-229-8424
  • 5935-01-282-3133
  • 5935-01-310-6059
  • 5935-01-393-4788
  • 5940-01-113-0347
  • 16VE049001-5X
  • 16VE049002-5X
  • 16VE049003-5X
  • 16VE049004-5X
  • 16VE049010-1
  • 16VE049010-11
  • 16VE049010-12
  • 16VE049010-2
  • 16VE049010-50
  • 16VE049011-1
  • 16VE049011-11
  • 16VE049011-12
  • 16VE049011-2
  • 16VE049011-50
  • 16VE049012-1
  • 202A111
  • 202K111
  • 202K132-25L-0
  • 202K142-25L-0
  • 202K153-25L-0
  • 202K163-25L-0
  • 202K174-25L-0
  • 202K185-25L-0
  • 203W301
  • 204W201
  • 204W221
  • 223W601
  • 224W201
  • 224W221
  • 2804-6-1200
  • 2841-5-9000
  • 38196-19-0SN
  • 38196-3-0SN
  • 66376W17-20SN
  • 81539-23
  • 8340709-00-01
  • 8340712-OL-01
  • 8340712-OS-01
  • 8340713-OL-01
  • 8340713-OS-01
  • 8912020-DL-01
  • 8912020-OS-01
  • 915304-1
  • 915304-2
  • 915305-1
  • 915305-2
  • 915307-1
  • 915307-2
  • 915307-3
  • 915308-1
  • 915308-2
  • 915308-3
  • ATUM
  • B-155
  • BND21XX00
  • BND21XX90
  • BND40XX00
  • BND40XX45
  • BND40XX90
  • BND41XX00
  • BND41XX45
  • BND41XX45
  • BND54XX00
  • BND54XX45
  • BND54XX90
  • BRST
  • C10558-1
  • C10558-2
  • C10558-3
  • C10558-5
  • C10558-6
  • C10558-7
  • C10990-19-50SN
  • C10990-3-50SN
  • C20783-3PA
  • C20783-3PB
  • C20783-3SA
  • C20783-3SB
  • C20831-1N
  • C8807-1-1
  • C8807-1-11
  • C8807-1-12
  • C8807-2-1
  • C8807-2-11
  • C8916-1-X
  • C8916-2-X
  • C8916-5-X
  • C8916-6-X
  • C8916-7-X
  • CGPE 105
  • CGPT
  • CHA-0016-003
  • CHA-0017-003
  • CHA-0018-0036
  • CHA-0048-003
  • CHA-0071-003
  • CHA-0226-003
  • CM-SCE
  • CRN
  • CTA-0025
  • CTJ620E061-5145
  • CTJ620E062-5145
  • CTJ620E06N-5145
  • CTJ620E121-5145
  • CTJ620E12N-5145
  • CWT
  • CWT
  • D-181
  • D-602-0140
  • D-602-0141
  • D-602-0142
  • D-602-0143
  • D-602-0144
  • D-602-0145
  • D-602-0146
  • D-602-0147
  • D-602-0150
  • D-602-0151
  • D-602-1108
  • D-602-1109
  • D-602-1112
  • D-602-1113
  • D-607
  • D-659-0033-003
  • DCPT
  • DK-602-0156-N-1
  • DK-621-0411-P
  • DR-25
  • D-SCE
  • DWFR
  • DWP-125
  • ES1000
  • ES2000
  • HL
  • HLX
  • HT-SCE
  • HX-SCE
  • MTCB1X-105-XXX
  • MTCB1X-106-XXX
  • MTCB1X-XXX-105
  • MTCB1X-XXX-106
  • MTCB2X-205-XXX
  • MTCB2X-206-XXX
  • MTCB2X-XXX-205
  • MTCB2X-XXX-206
  • MTCC1P-010-010-01
  • MTCC1P-COAX-01P-01
  • MTCC1P-COAX-01S-01
  • MTCC1R-010-010-01
  • MTCC1R-COAX-01P-01
  • MTCC1R-COAX-01S-01
  • MTCC2P-020-020-01
  • MTCC2R-020-020-01
  • MTCP-116-05P1
  • MTCP-116-05S1
  • MTCP-116-05S2
  • MTCP-116-105P2
  • MTCX2X-200-200
  • MTCX-X-100-100
  • PMS27488-001-01
  • RNF-100
  • RNF-150
  • RNF-3000
  • RP-4800
  • RPS
  • RT-3
  • RT-375
  • RW-175
  • S01
  • S02
  • S063
  • S096
  • SCL
  • SCT
  • SWFR
  • TAT-125
  • TUGA
  • TXR18XX00
  • TXR18XX45
  • TXR18XX90
  • TXR21XX00
  • TXR21XX45
  • TXR21XX90
  • TXR40XX00
  • TXR40XX45
  • TXR40XX90
  • TXR41XX00
  • TXR41XX45
  • TXR41XX90
  • TXR54XX00
  • TXR54XX45
  • TXR54XX90
  • Versafit
  • Versafit 3X
  • Versafit V2
  • Versafit V4
  • XFFR


  • MIL-DTL-24640
  • MIL-DTL-24643
  • ZEROHAL - LFH (Low Fire Hazard)
  • ISO 9000
  • QS9000