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Electro Adapter's connector accessories are backed with over 42 years of experience and are incorporated in critical applications, worldwide. During this time Electro Adapter has built a reputation for quality, innovation, and integrity. Connector accessories are their only business which allows them to work closely with RSI to achieve the optimum design for each application.

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Electro Adapter Products

circular backshells

Circular Backshells

Electro Adapter products include designs for "non-shielded" environmental circular backshells (A** Series) and for "shielded", environmental and non-environmental circular backshells (E** Series). These standard designs originated from the military AS85049, M85049, 85049, MIL-DTL-85049, MIL-C-85049 Qualified Backshell specifications list and meet the same stringent requirements as the military specifications. Two-piece designs are used if the cable entry exceeds the shell size. For cases where a two-piece design is not specified, consult factory for design details. The A** Series adapters include designs for a shrink boot backshell and a low-profile, cable strain relief clamp backshell.

rectangular backshells

Rectangular Backshells

Banding backshell adapters for D-Subminiature Mil-DTL-24308), Micro-D Subminiature (Mil-DTL-83513) and ARINC (Mil-C-81659) connectors. Solid and split-shell shield termination backshell designs are specified with various mounting screw and mounting screw retention options. EMI/RFI Gasket versions are included. These cable shield termination designs encompass straight, 45°, 90°, and offset configurations, single and dual entries, and oval banded terminations. The oval entry connector backshell design allows for additional wire space or insulation. The 90° configurations offer both side and face mounted entries.

Supported Mil-SPECs

  • M85049/17
  • M85049/18
  • M85049/19
  • M85049/20
  • M85049/21
  • M85049/23
  • M85049/24
  • M85049/25
  • M85049/26
  • M85049/27
  • M85049/29
  • M85049/31
  • M85049/33
  • M85049/36
  • M85049/37
  • M85049/38
  • M85049/39
  • M85049/41
  • M85049/47
  • M85049/49
  • M85049/51
  • M85049/52
  • M85049/53
  • M85049/55
  • M85049/56
  • M85049/59
  • M85049/60
  • M85049/61
  • M85049/62
  • M85049/63
  • M85049/69
  • M85049/82
  • M85049/83
  • M85049/84
  • M85049/85
  • M85049/86
  • M85049/87
  • M85049/88
  • M85049/89
  • M85049/90