Driven by a strong commitment to delivering reliable, high-quality solutions, we have a long history of manufacturing gasketing foams and adhesive, bonding and spacer tapes for many markets. The breadth of our growing product range is truly unparalleled, and has evolved over the years to address the demands and challenges of changing technologies at the regional and global level. Lean on us to provide you with the products and know-how necessary for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your application.

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Saint-Gobain® Tape Products

SG Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

The right specialty adhesive tape can make all the difference in an application, and Saint-Gobain® offers exceptional quality, OEM approvals and technical capability to customize. Our teams work hard to ensure there is an adhesive tape combination to fit your exact need. We work with a variety of substrates including fluoropolymers, polyimide, glass fabrics, foils, and polyester combined with acrylic, silicone, natural rubber and proprietary adhesive systems, making us experts in a broad range of materials.

SG Film Adhesive

Film Adhesive Tapes

High-performance adhesive tapes are available with polymer substrates such as FEP, ETFE, Polyester, Polyimide, PTFE, Rulon®, or UHMW. They are also available unsupported as a transfer adhesive.

SG Foil Adhesive

Foil Adhesive Tapes

From copper to aluminum, foil pressure sensitive adhesive tapes have characteristics that make them resistant to abrasion and corrosive chemical environments, all while being highly conformable. Operating at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures, these shiny, foil-backed tapes offer excellent reflective and flame retardant properties.

SG Glass Adhesive

Glass Adhesive Tapes

Glass adhesive tapes provide an extra layer of defense for applications that require electrical insulation and mechanical strength. The strong fiberglass filaments provide a more durable product that is resistant to abrasion, tears and high temperatures. Cloth, PTFE, silicone, PET and other substrates are combined with fiberglass reinforcements to maximize the performance in applications such as heat sealing, window welding, composite molding and electrical insulation.

SG Paper Adhesive

Paper Adhesive Tapes

Offering easy application and excellent conformability, paper adhesive tapes provide protection and clean removal while decreasing static generation when being removed during masking applications. For the electro-mechanical market, the ideal products are those that leverage DuPont Nomex® for the increased thermal resistance and absorption required for oil filled transformers.

SG Silicone Adhesive

Silicone Adhesive Tapes

Silicone adhesive tapes provide all the benefits of our silicone rubber in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, with options for high and low temperature silicone adhesive or aggressive, strong anchorage acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. Conforming to irregular shapes for cushioning and gasketing, these silicone tapes are perfect for applications that are exposed to the elements and require intricate shaping like electronic packaging, aerospace gasketing, gap filling and outdoor lighting.

SG PUR Bonding Tape

Acrylic Bonding Tapes

Engineered to provide durable, long-lasting security where and when it matters the most, our bonding tapes offer a flexible connection that stands the test of time. Combining an elastomeric foam substrate with a durable pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, our high-quality bonding tapes have excellent resistance to a wide variety of environmental conditions and are an ideal choice for interior and exterior bonding applications.