For over 55 years, customers have turned to Panduit for electrical and networking products that enable them to design,deploy and maintain a robust physical infrastructure that is flexible for the business requirements of today and tomorrow.

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Panduit Products

cable ties

Cable Wiring & Bundling

Panduit provides comprehensive bundling solutions including cable ties that are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications throughout the physical infrastructure. Wiring Accessories are also an integral part of Panduit's comprehensive selection of wire management products.

  • Plastic Cable Ties
  • Plastic Cable Tie Installation Tools
  • Automated Cable Tie Systems
  • Cable Tie Mounts and Accessories
  • Harness Board Accessories
  • Cable Tie Kits
  • Hook & Loop Reusable
  • Stainless Steel Ties and Tools
  • Stainless Steel Banding and Tools
  • Stainless Steel Accessories

Terminals, Power Connectors & Grounding

Power Connectors
  • Terminals
  • Power Connectors
  • Tools
heatshrink tubing

Wire Routing, Protection, and Insulation

Heat Shrink and Abrasion Protection products provide an economical and easy way to insulate, protect, harness, and identify electrical and electronic components and cable. A wide variety of sizes and materials are available to meet a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications, while providing the lowest installed cost. To help assure optimum quality, Panduit products are designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards and ensure continuity within the physical infrastructure.

  • Abrasion Protection
  • Heat Shrink
  • Supports and Fasteners
  • Wiring Duct
Panduit Identification


Panduit® offers a comprehensive line of labeling systems and printers, each designed to fit a specific need allowing you to create custom markers quickly and economically. Panduit identification solutions include computer printable labels and supplies, software and a wide range of printers including hand-held/portable printers and desktop printers.

  • Printers
  • Desktop Printer Labels
  • Permanent Identification
  • Pre-Printed and Write-On Wire Markers
  • Hand-Held Printer Label Cassettes
  • Labeling Software
Panduit Tools

Installation Tools

Panduit manufactures a wide range of installation tools to meet your specific requirements. We can help you:– Save money through reduced installation time– Reduce operator error– Lessen operator fatigue– Promote safer working conditions– Lower total installation costs– Achieve adherence to industry standards

  • Plastic Cable Tie Installation Tools
  • Stainless Steel Banding Strapping Tools
  • Copper Systems Tools
  • Fiber Cabling System Tools
  • Wiring Duct Tools
  • Surface Raceway Tools
  • Terminal Tools
  • Power and Grounding Connector Tools
  • Overhead Underfloor Cable Routing Tools
  • Heat Shrink Tools
  • Pan-Wrap Split Harness Wrap Tools